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KetoRoo Bakes

With the aim to make the keto diet easy and fun for users, KetoRoo Bakes is a ketogenic cloud kitchen that provides a variety of gluten-free breads, low-carb keto pizzas and other bakery items as well.

USP - Ketogenic Snacks, Healthy Savouries and Desserts, Low-Carb Meals and Breads.

The bakery now caters to the whole of Delhi-NCR and has also expanded delivery services to all cities, such as, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata & Mumbai.

CEO & Founder - Roohan Singla

Roohan Singla, a corporate trainer for language and communication, was hospitalized owing to some form of gluten intolerance. The doctors termed it a lifestyle problem, which she believes was an inadequate prognosis. But then she found keto.

However, it was not easy to find a perfect Keto Diet and thus the struggle of finding a balanced Keto diet gave her the idea of a healthy meal service. It was then that she wrote to Zomato, with an idea of a cloud kitchen for keto meals and since then there is no turning back.